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Celebrate the iconic albums of Glasgow in the company of the artists behind them.

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THANKS... to Loud and Clear, Blackfriars, Glasgow Life and City Marketing Bureau, all the participating artists, and especially the audiences who turned up to make AotC at Merchant City Festival such a success. We hope you enjoyed the insights, anecdotes and banter to emerge from the sessions! Keep in touch with us via Twitter @smlGlasgow or the Facebook page (linked at right) to see where the concept goes next!

Glasgow has shaped some of the most inspired musicians in popular music, and influenced their most historic albums. Over three sessions during the 2011 Merchant City Festival the first AotC event took place, reviewing and discussing three of those albums. Each session began with a listen-through of the vinyl LP and will be followed by a discussion with some of the creators of the work, giving an insight into how the city influenced the band and the album, and to hear the stories behind its making.

Friday 22nd July, 5-7pm: James Grant of Love and Money with 'Dogs in the Traffic' (1991)
Sat 23rd July, 5-7pm: Zal Cleminson and Ted McKenna of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band with 'Next' (1973)
Sun 24th July, 5-7pm: Frances McKee of the Vaselines with 'Dum-Dum' (1989)

The sessions took place in the downstairs club of The Blackfriars, in the heart of the Merchant City.

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