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James Grant

Love and Money - Dogs in the Traffic (1991)

James Grant is the lead singer and songwriter of Love and Money, and subsequently a highly-respected solo artist. Love and Money sprang out of from a Glasgow context of the fusion of soul, funk and rock, but delivered it with a passion that differentiated them from some of their more pop-oriented peers.

''Dogs in the Traffic' came at a critical time in the band's story, when the stresses of heavy touring were compounded by pressure from, and creative divergence from, their record company. What emerged from these circumstances was an album of singular, heartfelt and betrayed intensity which is widely regarded as one of the under-recognised classics of the decade.

Love and Money have recently reunited, performing the entirety of 'Dogs in the Traffic', amongst other work, to critical acclaim in early 2011. The success of the reunion shows will be followed up by an appearance at the Clyde Auditorium in December, plus the promise of new L&M material.

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