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Zal Cleminson & Ted McKenna

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Next (1973)

At the start of the seventies, Glasgow began to export the Sensational Alex Harvey Band to the world. SAHB took the swagger and glam of that era's rock and spiked it with music-hall variety, confessional poetry, humour, intellectual detours, heartfelt balladeering and prog complexity.

At the centre of this spectacle, of course, was the extraordinarily charismatic Alex Harvey, one of rock's great frontmen. The challenge faced by any producer working with the band was obvious: how to replicate a degree of the legendary atmosphere of their live shows.

SAHB's rise to super stardom hit rocky patches, yet persisted - they continued during Harvey's departure and rejoinings - but any possibility of the original line up moving forward was lost with his sudden death in 1982.

A recent BBC survey listed SAHB as the fifth greatest Scottish band of all time, and 'Next' is often hailed as their greatest album - catching, as it does, the band careering fast towards fame's higher slopes. Zal Cleminson (guitar) and Ted McKenna (drums) were part of this incredible story from the start, to the end, and beyond - SAHB have released fresh material well into the millennium.

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