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Frances McKee

The Vaselines - Dum-Dum (1989)

Formed around the vocal/writing duo of McKee and Eugene Kelly, the Vaselines emerged at the tail end of Glasgow's first great indie boom, when London was falling in love with Primal Scream, the Pastels, the BMX Bandits, and the Soup Dragons. However, an uncharacteristic in-your-face attitude, and a surprising degree of raunch make the 'twee' cliché difficult to apply - if one fact is generally known about the Vaselines, it's that Kurt Cobain was an obsessive fan, and such qualities undoubtedly helped attract the late icon to their work. Nonetheless, the band's work stands up well enough without having to lean on celebrity endorsement, however notorious.

''Dum-Dum' - the band's only LP release from the first phase of their career - captures a care-free, vibrant chemistry that's a joy to experience.

The Vaselines are now enjoying a new wave of recognition following the reformation of the McKee/Kelly partnership and the release of 2010's 'Sex with an X' album.

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